A 69 year old son appreciated my part in helping his father, a 102 year old patient who passed away in March 2019

This is a post I received today which reassures me that my efforts in helping suffering humanity with my “Joepathy”  from  my Website has fulfilled its aim.
I thank God that I was given the privilege of doing so in the manner that I have done for the last 10 years and felt that I should share it with you.

BC Mandapa
My dear Mr. Joe de Livera,
You probably do not remember me. I had approached you about my father when he was about 98 years old a few years back, for brain clarity, prostrate and heart. I am glad to see that you are still active at 91.
My father, Col. B.M. Chengapa passed away in March 2019 at the age of 102. Thanks to your help he had full control of his mind and remarkable memory recall and reasonable physical fitness for that age. I have been very busy with a lot of work on my father’s behalf and have not been in touch.
I thought that I would reach out to you and appreciate what you are continuing to do at your stage in life.
God bless and fond regards,
B.C. Mandapa

In reply to BC Mandapa.It is a post like yours that reassures me that my efforts at helping suffering humanity with my “Joepathy” (Google) in the manner that I have done for the last 10 years since I established my website and even previously for about 5 years before on 4 Homeopathic Forums, one of which I was a Founder member as a Prescriber when I helped a friend a computer engineer who wrote the software for Homeopathy & More .
It is a matter of regret that this Forum was subjected to a Cyber attack about a month ago as mine too was, a few weeks previously. I was able to count on the services of a close friend who succeeded in restoring it to operational status in about 6 weeks but since there was no owner of the H&M website, it seems to have ceased functioning.
I am very glad and thankful that you have recognised my part in helping your Dad:
“My father, Col. B.M. Chengapa passed away in March 2019 at the age of 102. Thanks to your help he had full control of his mind and remarkable memory recall and reasonable physical fitness for that age. “
I thank you for your gesture in posting your appreciation on my Website.
I would like to take this opportunity to place on record that the reason God has blessed me with the strength to continue my work even today at 91 is due to the fact that I do not take any drugs whatever and only use my own knowledge of my “Joepathy” which is an advanced version of Classical Homeopathy where I treat the ailment directly which is not permitted in Homeopathy and prompted classical Homeopaths who were on the 4 Forums that I used to visit in the past to derisively coin the term “Joepathy” in the hope that they could frighten me off their domains, not realising that this term attracts many thousands of hits today on Google ! You may if you wish to spend a few minutes in a search under “The evolution Joepathy” on this Website.
I would also like to mention that I exercise by walking briskly for half hour daily when I cover about 2.5km every day listening to music on my Bose Headphones, usually the Piano music I used to play on my Steinway Grand Piano which is silent today as my fingers do not respond in the manner they used to do when I was 30 years younger.
God Bless You.


  1. k.murthy says:

    Hello Dr Joe sir,
    I wont’d be wrong to conclude that “Joepathy” has no ‘Expiry’date. A person can stretch his life to the fullest extent.. as with the case of Col. B.M. Chengapa., with no medical complaints.
    Thanks & with best wishes.

    • Joe says:

      I am glad to note that you have read the tribute that Col B M Chengapa’s son paid for my part in helping him to live to 102 years and I thank God that I was given the privilege to do so.

      I am happy to note that you also appreciate the part I am playing in helping people like you and many thousands of others especially babies who would otherwise not have had the loving care that I bestow on my patients. To me a patient is a sacred trust whom God directs to my care and I am sure that God repays me by giving me good health at 91 years which is the greatest gift that a person like me can have at the present time in my life.

      I too wonder for how much longer I will be able to continue my mission in life today which is to guide all who work for me in my almost Century old Family owned business Titus Stores . This business was founded by my late father and I joined him in 1948 and took took over in 1965. I now share it with the youngest of my 3 sons who has inherited all the past traditions we have had in our business, after he returned back home in 1995 after his graduation from Rochester University where he achieved a singular honour in being singled out for a Phi Beta Kappa recognition due to his performance, which I believe is somewhat rare.

      I thank you for your continued interest in the handling of my Joedelivera.com Website which I hope I will have the privilege of maintaining as long as God gives me life.

      I believe that you are aware that I do NOT take any drugs whatever and exercise daily by walking for over half hour and I spend some time in office daily and try to help others in whatever way I can.

      The greatest joy I can expect to have today is to have my singular antidote to the Corona Virus accepted by all governments as I have no doubt whatever that the Covid 19 will be wiped out from the face of this Earth and many millions of precious lives, saved.

  2. Ramma says:

    Dear Joe Sir,
    You are god’s own blessing to all of us. And may he keep you in the best of health for our sakes.
    From one of your happy followers
    A huge god bless

    • Joe says:

      The greatest joy I can have right now is to learn that the Medical profession uses my Eupat Perf 200 therapy in the Wet dose on a test basis and confirms that it has worked in CURING a patient. They have so far only criticised my efforts in trying to persuade a doctor to use it and confirm this fact but so far the doctors who have tested it have done so privately and have not confirmed this fact that it CURES Corona Patients as they feel that they stand to lose their license by doing so.

      I have no doubt that it will work and I am confident that the Good God will open their eyes and they will confirm this fact and thereby save over 5000 precious lives that are lost daily throughout the world under the aegis of Big Pharma who are aware that the truth will be out soon when the balloon bursts.

      Please join me in my Prayer that their eyes will be opened soon.

  3. Ramma says:

    Dear Joe Sir,
    We will definitely pray for this , to help humanity.
    Your efforts and goodwill will be answered by God, in all his kindness.
    Take care, and God bless
    I’ve asked many friends to pass the Eupo. Perf 200 , info around

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