Chronic Deafness (7-10 years) in 73 year old cured in a week !

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2020/03/19 at 2:10 ams


The treatment prescribed by you for the completely deaf friend of mine (73 yrs old )for the 7-10 years due to many work related accidents has been recovered almost completely. This is actually UNBELIEVABLE. The allopathic doctors tried hard with all their medical inventory to keep him perfectly deaf with 2 ear devices without a coherent communication or speech.
In despair we used your simple yet wonderful treatment and advise—in less than a week his hearing came back and TODAY he is functioning as perfectly as 15 yrs ago !
So wonderful the homeopathy is. And your pages and possibility to communicate with you is just plain God sent.Dr. Delivera thank you so much for being here .Ann & Vas

Joe In reply to ann Kramar.

I am delighted to learn that your 73 year old professional landscaper’s hearing has been restored in the short space of 2.5 months after you reported his case to me on January 7 and I prescribed  Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily and Nat Phos 6x dose 2-3 tablets after every meal.I shall copy your post below:“I have a dear friend of mine who can not write you or talk to you because he is very hard of hearing due to his job (professional landscaper for 20 years or so) where in cutting the trees, he sustained a few times medium strength of head injuries throughout his active years a(Tree branches accidents without complex injuries , but became progressively deaf with the time probably by the impacts.
Physically he is in great shape, does not take any allopathic meds, does not drink, smoke, or takes any stimulants.
He has hard time to communicate even via computer because he is very discouraged, and feels powerless .
I told him I will get in touch with you for help. He was a very hard working healthy and strong man who is quite incapacitated by this unexpectedly developing situation that is making him quite depressed.
He has no other problems because he has never used alcohol nor smoked cigarettes or any other drugs. He lives alone and is quite desolate.
Do you think there is a chance to help this unfortunate man who is otherwise in great physical shape and condition as a 74 year older adult ? He lives completely alone. We know each other for 40 years or so.
From my complex situation you gave me an other chance for painless life so I strongly believe this quite abandoned man can benefit from your homeopathic knowledge ,practice and experience. He seems to be devastated.”I do hope that his hearing will continue to improve and would suggest that he continues to take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose for LIFE. I would also suggest that he retires from his profession which involves him in climbing tall trees and also cutting them down. At his age, it is best to retire while he is still active and in good shape, as he has the rest of his life to enjoy with his friends.

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Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 may succeed in treating the Corona Virus.

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In 2005 I discovered that a Homeopathic Remedy – Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c would stop the common Cold for which Billions are being expended throughout the world to find a cure. The success rate I achieved was around 75% provided the patient takes this remedy early, as soon as s/he feels the usual signs of an oncoming cold (sneezing and coryza).
In 2007 Dengue was first reported in Sri Lanka and it occurred to me that this same remedy could help to treat this disease which is another virus borne disease which is vectored by the Aedes Egyptii mosquito. I was agreeably surprised by the success rate I achieved of 100% in treating hundreds of patients who contacted me by giving them a 500ml bottle of water, free of charge, which I medicated with 10  #30 globules of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c.
Dengue can now be recognised as an Epidemic in Sri Lanka and we have had over 100 fatalities in  2019 according to the count released officially but it would be safe to state that this figure is an understatement.
I offered this remedy to the National Hospital in Colombo and the IDH (Infectious Disease Hospital) both free of charge, to use it on a test basis on a few patients but they have both consistently refused to use it up to today. As a result we have lost hundreds of precious lives so very unnecessarily to Dengue. I am confident that they could all have been saved if the authorities had used it on a test basis to verify my claim.
I have been lobbying the Health Authorities in Sri Lanka and Doctors and Care givers at a number of meetings and the consensus of opinion that I encountered, especially from Doctors to whom I had given this Remedy who had used it on their patients, was that they too had discovered to their surprise that it worked wonderfully well as indicated by me, but they could not use it in their Hospitals as they were governed by certain rules which they had to follow under pain of losing their license to practice.
A few of them had a snide comment to make on using my discovery and stated that if they used my Therapy  it could result in their losing their revenue as it restored the patient to normal health every time they prescribed it in a few hours,  and this was tantamount to cutting the grass under their feet!
I have in the meanwhile, been distributing hundreds of medicated bottles of water with this remedy  free of charge since 2007 and the care givers have testified that their patients were cured in a few hours while at home, and always under 24 hours. My observation based on the reports of patients who have used it, is that the patient who was Dengue positive will recover in 3-6 hours  if treated within the first 3 days after infection when the Platelet count which is usually below 50000 rises rapidly by about 2500 every hour. If the patient is warded and on an IV drip the recovery is slower, after the third day. The patient is given the Remedy in a 5ml dose every 3 hours and recovers miraculously and is usually discharged on the day after. This has been my experience in hundreds of cases as related by their care givers.

I believe that this same remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose can be used to treat the current Corona Virus and all that is necessary is that it is obtained in the standard #30 pellets or globules of which 10 are used to medicate a 500ml bottle of water available in any supermarket. The patient is given  a dose which is 5ml or a teaspoonful of this water every 3 hours and my experience with Dengue is that in about 3-6 hours the patient shows signs of improvement. It is very likely that this same response will follow in the case of this Corona Virus too.
The general public in Colombo is alarmed by the many reports of a few patients who returned from Wuhan  a few of whom presented a fever which was not found to be the Corona Virus. Many people avoid visiting supermarkets and other congested areas especially if they are air-conditioned. I have given this remedy to many clients in Colombo to be used as a Prophylactic against catching the Corona Virus and a dose is taken twice a day to ensure that it will hopefully protect the person who is covered by this remedy. Many have informed me that they do not present the usual signs they suffered from like Catarrh  and blocked noses and that they generally feel better and do not get tired as they used to do in the past after they started on my therapy.
I hope that the reader will understand the advantage of using my therapy which they can use either as a Prophylactic or as a Cure in the event of a patient presenting the Corona Virusis. The remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c is available in almost all Homeopathic Pharmacies throughout the world and all one has to do is to use it as prescribed by me below.
The remedy is Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in #30 pellets or globules.Insert 10 pellets into a 500ml bottle of Spring water available in any supermarket.Take 5ml or equivalent in a teaspoonful of this medicated water every 3 hours and wait for results which will be visible in under 4 doses.This remedy can safely be taken more often, like every 2 hours if the patient is positive for the Corona Virus.
All I can do is to give you the reader, this information which is based on a lifetime of research into Homeopathy which other classical Homeopaths have dubbed “Joepathy” (Google). I would like to mention here that I am over 90 years in age and do not take any drugs except on a SOS basis like after surgery, and I owe my long life to my use of Homeopathy exclusively to treat myself.
Joe De Livera 

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Achalasia: A difficult case of a 78 year old patient cured.

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I am sharing the records of an interesting case of a 78 year old patient who presented Achalasia whom I treated in 2017 who responded to my therapy at that time and seems to have been cured today, 2 year later.
Achalasia is defined:
“Achalasia is a rare disorder of the esophagus, the tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach. It is characterized by impaired ability to push food down toward the stomach (peristalsis), failure of the ring-shaped muscle at the bottom of the esophagus, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), to relax.”
The daughter , Linda informed me of her mother’s condition  today, 2 years later and I felt that  I should make a permanent record of this case which doctors had not succeeded in treating at that time as I felt that someone who may happen to read this record may benefit from the somewhat complicated therapy I prescribed for a patient who may present this very rare condition today.
“Dear Dr De Livera,I wish to sincerely thank you for your advice two years ago when my mother was suffering from achalasia and faecal impaction and subsequently sepsis.I followed your instructions and she is coming along very well now.With sincere thanks and good wishes.Linda
Dublin, Ireland”

Linda says:November 12, 2017 at 7:46 PM   (Edit)Dear Joe, I enjoy reading your website very much and am a big fan of homeopathy and I need some assistance please for my 78 year old mother. She suffered a stroke in the middle cerebral artery in 2012 and is paralysed right side and with some speech impairment. Hospital negligence in failing to treat played a part. She had preexisting achalasia worsened by the stroke which seems to suddenly appear with a vengeance and leaves her regurgitating food undigested. She had botox injections a week ago for the tight spot in the oesophagus, they have worked partially but not fully but it might be early days yet. I’m concerned obviously about her nutrition and quality of life and don’t want this to decline as homeopathy and acupuncture have worked miracles in getting her to the point she’s at now from where she started. I’ve tried on recommendation both Phos 30 (no response) and Ferrum Met (partial response). I need to find the right remedy for what’s happening here. I know it’s out there. Can you help? Kind regards Linda, Dublin, Ireland

I shall copy my default therapy which I have used successfully to treat over 50 cases and you may like to read their cases on my website.
Your remedy to overcome the after effects of a Stroke is Arnica 1M in the Wet dose made as per instructions below and taken thrice daily for a month and reduced to twice daily thereafter.
You will also take Nat Phos 6x Biochemic Cell Salt dose 2-3 tablets taken thrice daily after every meal. You should discover that her regurgitation will cease in a few hours.
You will STOP ALL DRUGS you are taking today on the third day as the Homeopathic Remedies prescribed are at Nano levels and will be antidoted by any drug. I have specified 3 days to enable her body to acclimatize to the Homeopathy which you will find is by far more potent in treating her problems when compared to all the drugs she was prescribed.
The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:
Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.
You will report progress weekly on my Website.
ReplyLinda says:November 12, 2017 at 11:18 PM   (Edit)Dear Sir many thanks for your detailed reply. It is deeply appreciated. I have Arnica 1M in the wet dose on hand and will start this evening and the Nat Phos tomorrow. I will report back weekly as requested. Again thank you for your reply. Linda
ReplyLinda says:November 20, 2017 at 5:21 AM   (Edit)Respected Sir you asked for an update weekly. We cannot thank you enough for your assistance. I am deeply indebted and grateful. After administering the Nat Phos 6x the regurgitations stopped on Wednesday. Mum”s appetite and vital force are returning. After administering the Arnica 1M for a day or two she got quite sleepy but her energy and personality are coming back now. Her speech and spontaneous logical responses improved this week. I haven’t seen any movement improvement yet but it is early days for that but she does seem physically stronger. I cannot thank you enough.
ReplyJoe says:November 20, 2017 at 6:51 AM   (Edit)Glad to learn that my “Joepathy” (Google) has helped your 78 year old mother who has been suffering from the after effects of a stroke since 2012, in a little over a week. It is my hope and prayer that this improvement in her mental and physical condition will improve on a daily basis. However as I stated in a previous post, this improvement will take some time to be considered as permanent.
Do keep me posted with her improvement as often as is possible as it is just the satisfaction I get at my advanced age of 88 in sharing my gift of curing cases which are considered impossible, that motivates me to continue in my mission of healing with my Joepathy.
You may reduce the dosage of Nat Phos 6x you are giving her to enable her own digestive system to take over. You will maintain the dosage of Arnica 1M till she is able to even do without it in a few weeks. This is the reason why I requested you to report often as I monitor my Website at least twice daily and may be able to suggest remedies to deal with other problems.
Have you any medical reports and the diagnosis of her condition and the treatment she has been prescribed in the past ?This information will enable me to help her better.
Visit the case of Robert Ray whom I cured and was a far worse case of Stroke in comparison to your Mum.

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Brief Recipe for a Healthy Life

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You have done well to stay so healthy at 90 years of age.

What is your philosophy on diet, supplements like vitamins and minerals, enzymes and probiotics, etc?

There are so many self-appointed health professionals that keep us confused at to what is viable.

I, and I’m sure others would like to know your philosophy of staying healthy. You have proved that your methods have worked.

Thank you.Reply

  • Joe says: October 9, 2019 at 12:15 PM   (Edit) Many have asked me for my recipe for living a healthy life free of any medical impediments and pain. I thank God for the gift of the past 90 years long life and I am convinced that it is my total abstinence from drugs that has had a direct impact on my life. I will take a drug only on a SOS basis. The only medicine I take daily is Arnica which is a Homeopathic remedy which I have taken for the last 25 years nightly. I discovered many years ago that this amazing remedy filters the blood and in doing so, it dissolves Cholesterol and also reduces Blood Sugar levels. I would recommend that anyone who wishes to follow my example takes Arnica which I supply free of charge to anyone in Sri Lanka. A recent comprehensive Blood Test I took before a Cataract surgery last June showed that all my levels were normal or below normal and my Blood Sugar was 89 random. You are invited to visit: ARNICA THE MIRACLE REMEDY I exercise for about half hour and walk about 2-3 km nightly in my garden listening to music on iTunes on Bose earphones. I listen mainly to Piano Music, especially music that I used to play myself on my Steinway Grand which is 1952 vintage and was recently restored to prime condition. I eat just sufficient to be satisfied. Never overeat.
    As I mentioned above, I do not take any drugs whatever and do not also take any vitamins and the supplements you mentioned in your post. I am blessed with a wonderful wife whom I married in 1958 and is a graduate scientist and also a licentiate of Cordon Bleu Paris. We have a healthy diet comprising fish and chicken and occasionally red meat as proteins and Carbs with plenty of fruit and veg daily. I also eat one egg daily for breakfast. I meditate daily both in the morning and at night. I find that the time I spend in doing so helps to restore the energy I expend in my daily life. I do drive but prefer to be driven to office which I attend daily. I was introduced to Homeopathy as a skeptic as it seemed so illogical about 50 years ago when I first studied it, as at first I could not believe that when a Homeopathic Remedy is potentized to Nano levels, it gets more powerful. I discovered that I had a gift for healing and used to visit 3 Homeopathic Forums daily since about 1975, one of which I helped to establish about 20 years later: I used to prescribe standard Homeopathic remedies which I first did in the classical manner. When I discovered that this did not always work to cure a patient, I formulated a protocol of curing which was labelled “Joepathy” by classical Homeopaths who discovered that my therapy worked more effectively than the classical therapy they used. I based it on the allopathic protocol for healing which is best described as “This for That Therapy” where a physician prescribes a drug based on certain rules and information which he is aware has helped to cure other patients who present the same disease. This is not permitted in Classical Homeopathy. It is interesting to record that this protocol is used by the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation in Kolkata, who unknown to me, use this same protocol today.

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