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A Preemie at 38 weeks weighing 9.5 lbs drops down to 7.8 lbs at 17 weeks and diagnosed as Baby GERD. Prescribed Omeprazole and solids which made condition infinitely worse. Rescued in 5 days.

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Thank you for your detailed report of your baby’s progress since taking Nat Phos 6x which I prescribed for him. 
I shall copy your post on that date to contrast it with his response today, a few days after treatment with my “Joepathy” (Google).
I would like to inform you that I am over 91 years in age am retired from my official duties as the CEO in my Business organization which is now headed by the youngest of my 3 sons. I am devoting my time in helping all who seek my assistance including babies like yours who contact me on this my Website. 
I shall post this case separately on my Website.

2021/03/27 at 4:25 am
“My 17 week old soon suffers from acid reflux. I’m currently exclusively breastfeeding and plan to introduce solids in the form of oats porridge to him in a couple of weeks. He has been taking omeprazole for the past 8 weeks and although it helps, as he gains weight it stops working and the doctors have to further increase dosage for it to work again. I would prefer he was not on this medication at all.He was born at 38 weeks via emergency c-section. He weighed 9.5 pounds at birth and symptoms started surfacing at 4 weeks.
He now weighs circa 7.8kg at 17 weeks (he’s a big baby). He feeds well although sometimes I find it’s for comfort. May you please advice me on how I can help him thank you.”
Just wanted to say thank you so much for you help and to keep you posted on our progress. I believe someone may find this useful in time to come. Please advice on how I and when I should start reducing the Nat Phos all things remaining equal. Really appreciate your help. I have had a completely happy and different child for the past few weeks.

24 hours: 

First 6 feeds fine 

Minimal spit up with first 6 in fact little to no vomiting 

Was squirming in discomfort, arching back about 3/4 times in the day and crying but would stop 

Difficult to put down to sleep, kept squirming. 

Vomited his nighttime feed early hours of the morning . Difficult to put to bed, kept squirming and writhing in pain. No crying though 

Day 2: 

Woke up happy and was generally ok through the day

Burping and passing wind which smells sometimes.
Cat napped in the day, was woken up by wind and flatulence. 

Was a bit fussy in the evening. Took a while to put to sleep. Kept writhing as if in pain. 

Caught him gulping several times. It didn’t seem to bother him too much. Also vomited a couple of times which didn’t seem to bother him 

After night feed, seemed less distressed. Fell asleep in a third of the time. First time in four nights he’s gone down so quick. Less squirming and writhing too. 

Day 3:
Woke up pretty happy. Put him on his back and he seemed comfortable.

Still gulping vomit sometimes when I put him on his back for happy change. I’m assuming that’s because he’s come off gaviscon which was making his stomach contents thicker. 

Still farting quite a bit. Has very very smelly farts. Have given him some probiotics. Hoping he will nap better today. 

In general, he seems a much happier baby with the odd irritation here and there.

Irritation reduced after he had a very very smelly poo

Was so much easier to put to bed tonight. Slept during feed 

Struggled to sleep after night feed. Was awake almost an hour but slept very well thereafter 

Day 4: woke up very cheerful. Put him on his back and no signs of discomfort 

Two cat naps in the afternoon then a gd long one. 

Seemed agitated towards end of day

Night feed went well. Wouldn’t settle after and didn’t go back to sleep. Was awake for over an hour and a half . Had to give another feed

Day 5 – 9:
The happiest I have ever seen him. We have gone through several developmental milestones this week from rolling to being able to grab his toys and giggling. 

Still passing smelly farts. Pooh’s on day 8 after 5 days. 

Poo less smelly than the first. 

I think he may be teething 

Day 10:
Drooling and agitated today. Keeps rubbing his nose and eyes. Has cried several times. Not sure if it’s teething related or reflux.
I’m sure the reflux has gone away so will continue to monitor.
You can now taper out the Nat Phos therapy and virtually play it by ear.
Feel free to consult me which I shall do as long as I am still around.

You can now taper out the Nat Phos therapy and virtually play it by ear.

Feel free to consult me when I shall be glad to help as long as I am still aroun

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