A patient confirms after 8 months that she had her baby after following my protocol for Endometriosis and Chocolate Cysts.

Another patient confirms after 8 months that she had her baby after she visited my Website and copied the protocol I have pioneered to treat Endometriosis and Chocolate Cysts with my “Joepathy”. This is the 6th Baby whom I can call my Grandchild.

• Angelic beauty says:
November 28, 2017 at 7:35 PM (Edit)
Dear sir im posting my story on request of my friend snow white. I belong to a country where these sort of problems cinsidered very confidential and girls usually feel shame to open such issues so im not mentioning my name. I got diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011 but didnt take any treatment. Three yeras later i got married and tried for baby but i failed to concieve. In the same time my periods pain and bleeding got worst. My doctor operated me and removed the cyst.but my very next cycle was again very painful and i went to the doctor again and she told that my cyst came back within a month.i was so disheart i went to almost 10 different doctors and everyone recomended surgery. I tried different hormonal pills but in vain. Then i googled homeo therapy for endometriosis and came to know about your site.here i saw your default remedy and started trying as i knew it didnt have side effects. Amazingly within 1 year my pain and cyst go away and i concieved naturally.it was unbelieveable for me as in aelopathic every doctor said its incurable disease but now im mother of 8 months old baby and i recomend everyone to use this therapy. God bless you and bundle of praerys for you as you are working for humanity without charging a single penny. May God grant you good health and long life sir.

• Joe says:
November 28, 2017 at 10:36 PM (Edit)
Thank you for confirming that your baby was born after you suffered many years of trauma from Endometriosis and Chocolate Cysts which your cured yourself by visiting my Website and following my default therapy aka “Joepathy”.

I am indeed delighted that you did so as your story in your own words will give other patients like you who visit my Website, the courage to use my therapy. It may also happen that they had been treated by allopathic physicians with surgery only to discover a few months or years later that the Chocolate Cysts are back again to add to their trauma.

You may like to know that your baby is the 6th that I am aware of and can consider as my Grandchild, who arrived after a few months of treatment by my therapy. I believe that there are many more who have visited my Website and used my “Joepathy” unknown to me to treat their Endometriosis and Chocolate Cysts and who were blessed with Babies.

You may not be aware that I am 88 years in age and it is just the satisfaction I get from treating cases like yours that keeps me motivated at my advanced age to help suffering humanity.

Feel free to consult me for any problems that your Baby may encounter later in life and I shall be glad to help him or her if and when you do so.


  1. soumik06 says:

    U r amazing Doctor

  2. Priya Agarwal says:

    I an 45 years old and have a bulky uterus
    with aḍenometriosis
    Pls help

    • Joe says:

      Your post is a classic example of how some patients dare to take my therapy for granted. It gives me the impression that you are doing me a favour in submitting your ailment to me and you then demand a solution fo your Endometriosis, without even caring to spell your disease correctly.

      “I an 45 years old and have a bulrky uterus
      with aḍenometriosis
      Pls help”

      In the circumstances, I shall not waste my time in prescribing for you as you do NOT deserve it.

  3. Chandu Patel says:

    Namste respected Sir dear Joe delivera
    my friend got problem which i send you her report you might help her i am sure have some kind experence to treatment please help her if you can. cronic cervicitis and Hyperplasa with out atypia. havey period and itching dure period time.

    • Joe says:

      You appear to have read my therapy for Endometriosis and Chocolate Cysts and I believe that you feel that I can also treat your patient who presents
      “chronic cervicitis and hyperplasia with out atypia”

      You must understand that my therapy aka “Joepathy” which I have pioneered for this common disease that seems to affect a good 10% of women, may not help your patient.

      Please request her to list all her symptoms to me on this Website and I shall try to help her if I can.

      She will send me her full medical report and diagnosis with the drugs she was prescribed by her doctor.

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