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82 year old patient recovers from Stroke

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Thank you for having acceded to my request to make a concise report of your 82 year old father’s recovery from a stroke he suffered from in January 2018.

You have been reporting on his progress as requested by me weekly and I do not think that you need to do so from now as he is not a patient anymore and can be considered as cured. You will however continue the daily protocol of 2 doses of Arnica 10M.

I believe I mentioned that I am his senior in age by 6 years and will be 89 next October. I do not take any drugs whatever unless on a SOS basis and I thank God for giving me my extended lifespan which I have dedicated to helping others with my own unique interpretation of Homeopathy aka “Joepathy” which I have always found would cure the patient.

I shall copy your report below:

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Author: Natalia
Respected Sir,

I want to use this email to tell anyone interested in how your “joepathy” treatment has been helping my father in the last 4-5 months.

My father had a stroke in Jan 2018. This was his second major stroke in 5 years and he is now 82. The first stroke was MCA on right side of brain. He recovered with physiotherapy but still used to drag his left leg and hardly used his left arm. According to the doctors, he had recovered 70%. This second stroke was on left rear side of brain that had badly affected his cognition. He couldnt sleep at night time and got restless in the bed. As a result, the hospital had him on antipyschotic drugs and sleeping pills.

Before we started Joepathy, his symptoms that were really affecting him were poor cognition (couldn’t recall recent things, like what he ate), had very less attention span, very poor vision (he had some tunnel vision). He could walk with a cane and one person support.

Then, Sir prescribed Arnica IM WD thrice daily, that was changed to twice daily and later was upgraded to Arnica 10M WD twice daily. I have been regularly providing weekly reports on Sir’s website if anyone is interested in reading it. As of now, he is at home. He is physically active, goes for walks with me outside, climbs up and down stairs, exercises daily for his arms and legs. From a cognition standpoint, he is much much better than where he was in Jan, Feb and even Mar. His long-term memory has come back, his short-term memory has improved, his attention span is better and so is his vision. In all, he has improved thanks to Sir and his treatment.

Thank you Sir for all your support and guidance.


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Rebecca’s baby successfully treated for Asthma

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I am copying the record of Rebecca whose baby was quite normal till he was given his ‘shots’ to which he reacted at 2 months and ended up in hospital with a high fever. These shots seem to have precipitated some acute aggravation in his system which ended up in wheezing which was treated with a nebulizer with the standard steroids. His condition got worse by the day and the doctor seems to have overdosed him with more steroids which the mother described:
“Our active, playful and happy baby became a sad and lifeless person. He was laying down on the floor with his pacifier and blanket all day. His nose was running constantly without being sick. It was at bedtime when I heard him with a shortness of breath and scared me. I called the doctor and they told me it was all normal side effects of the medication. “

She then consulted me and the result is for you to read.

It is a great pleasure to report my son’s healing from asthma. He was born full term in the hospital as a healthy baby. He was not circumcised but got his shots in the hospital. We have no history of asthma or food allergies in the family and live in a mold free environment. We tried to space out his shots so he did not get more than two at a time but still after his two months shots he had a high fever and ended up in the hospital. There was no explanation and was let home shortly after he got some medication. A few months later he had a bad a cold that made him wheezing. He was put on a nabulizer at the doctors office right away and was prescribed oral steroids for five days. We were told to give him steroids in the nabulizer at home. During the summer he did not get heavy wheezing but still caught colds and viruses frequently with fevers on and off and little wheezing. We used the the ventolin every time he was wheezing every three-four hours . Then fall came and our then 9 months old baby started to get sick even more often. We ended up in the pediatricians office and prescribed the five day steroids again. He was vaccinated at 12 months for the last time and he got really sick. A few weeks later had a fever and wheezing and steroids were prescribed again. Finally we were referred to a pulmonologist. He was trying to make us give the baby flu shots and was really making us feel guilty and bad parents. We knew somehow that something was not right. He did a full chest x ray and everything showed normal still prescribed the preventive medicine. We were supposed to give him budesonide twice daily in a nabulizer and the ventolin as an extra when he got sick. We started him on the preventive Steroid but right away he became a different baby. Our active, playful and happy baby became a sad and lifeless person. He was laying down on the floor with his pacifier and blanket all day. His nose was running constantly without being sick. It was at bedtime when I heard him with a shortness of breath and scared me. I called the doctor and they told me it was all normal side effects of the medication. After three days my family decided we should not give him the steroids anymore. That is when I reached out to dr De Livera. He has helped us before with our daughters reflux four years ago. But somehow we all forgot about the healing power of homeopathy and his wonderful gift Joepathy. He answered right away and told us to start him with natsulph 6c in wet dose right away twice a day. We started him in February with the prescribed dose and instantly got our baby back. He was back to his normal self eating and playing happily. He was not coming down with a virus every week but seemed to be more stronger against the viruses. It was a month later when he got sick with a cough and runny nose and came down with wheezing right away. Dr De Livera advised us to give him Gelsemium 200c in wet dose twice a day to shorten the cold. And Arsenicum Album 200c pellet in mabulizer. We were also supposed to do physiotherapy and steam therapy. However, I made a mistake not trusting homeopathy and took him in to the emergency room. He was given oral steroids again and another course for home. His wheezing did not stop. Three days later he was still wheezing and prescribed something else but we never gave him. I had to learn my lesson and really put my faith in homeopathy. I gave him the ars alb in nabulizer and it stopped wheezing right away. I was
Doing the steam therapy as he told us and he got the usual natsulph and gelsemium. He was already better in two days. I never went back to the doctor for any checkups. Since March he has been on the natsulph 6c twice daily and has not caught any bigger virus. Two weeks ago my daughter brought home a virus from school. It was deep coughing, runny nose and for my son it started off wheezing as well. I followed the routine of gelsemium and ars alb as needed with steam therapy and I also gave him any tart 30 c orally to help loosen the mucus and to prevent the build up in his lungs. He was out of this virus sooner than my 4 year old daughter who barely gets sick. I never went to do the doctor or the emergency room. He just seemed to shake it off so easily.
It has been four months since we started Joepathy and my 18 month old boy is stronger day by day. I have gained confidence in homeopathy and have made major changes in our everyday lives. I am cooking all the time because this healthy boy has a big appetite and eats like at least 40 different vegetables and fruits a week in soups and other healthy meals. We stopped vaccinating our children and we started to look into homeopathy for every aspect of our lives. Our son is still on the natsulph 6c once a day before bedtime and will continue to keep him on it until Dr De Livera advices us not to give him anymore.
I am just thankful and feel so blessed that Dr De Livera came into our lives. He really has a gift from above and thanks to his Joepathy we have a healthy And happy boy who can eat and do anything without the harmful effects of steroids. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and may God bless you always. We are
forever grateful 🙏🏻

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Asthma and Eczema treated with Eczema cured in a few weeks while Asthma will be cured in a few months.

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This is the case of an anxious mother who consulted me a few months ago for her 2 daughters one of whom presented Eczema while the other was a chronic case of Asthma for which the child had been prescribed Inhalers to be used multiple times daily.

I requested her to record the cases of both daughters which I am now posting on my Website to enable anyone who is interested to follow my therapy.

Case of acute asthma – Kiara 8.5 years
Kiara was a little premature baby and only 1.5kg when she was born. As she grew she was quite low on immunity as she fell sick every month with viral cough and cold. We were living in Dubai when she was born. Since the age of 2 years doctors in Dubai asked me to start her on Asthalin inhaler through a spacer and nebulizers with Dualin nebule everytime she fell sick. I and my mother have a history of allergies and bronchitis and so we thought it is heridatory.
I was told that her case of bronchitis is probably a case of asthma since she had this persistently every month. So we gave her the inhalers almost every month for 7-10 days as she fell sick.
We came back to India and moved to Bombay when she was 4 years old. We showed her to a few leading asthma specialists. One doctor who is very renowned told us that Kiara is asthmatic and hence required a long term treatment. She asked us to start kiara on Seroflo every day two puffs in the morning and 2 in the night for a year which increased to every year every day till she gets fine. She kept taking it for 4years continuously and I was worried for her growth and dependency on steroids.
Things would get worse when Kiara would catch a viral which again happened every month. At times we were asked to give her asthalin inhaler every 5 minutes in addition to her normal routine of Seroflo. Her viral would always turn into asthma and she would be given antibiotics, cough syrup, inhalers and more inhalers.
I could only see Kiara getting weaker, her immunity falling further, she started refusing to eat well as she frequently complained of stomach pain and acidity. For which more new medicines were started.
We started homeopathy along side and though it helped at times but her allopathy and inhalers never left the house.
In desperation we started ayurveda which made her skin itch, and she puked. She had to be given some 10 pills every morning and evening. Poor kid kept becoming weaker and irritated and used to keep crying.
Then one day I decided to stop ayurveda totally and look for something else. Everyone told me asthma doesn’t have a cure in this world.
Our house was a Mini chemist shop with different medicines everywhere.
I kept searching the Internet for some solution. And then one day by God ‘s grace I chanced upon Joetherapy. And I wrote to doctor Joe. He shared testimony of a similar case who had been cured of asthma., 🙂 I got confidence that this is The therapy that can save my daughter. So I started Kiara on Joetherapy for asthma and while I was scared how Kiara would react to the inhalers being pulled off,but everyday turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me as Kiara became happier, started laughing like before, started eating well, no irritation… And full of love. 🙂 she is now off inhalers for past 4 months 🙂 and we are all loving it…
The world is wrong in saying that there is no cure for asthma. Dr Joe has proved them all wrong with his therapy. He has saved my daughter’s life and we pray and hope that his therapy saves the world from this dreadful disease.
Thank you doctor Joe for coming into our lives. Kiara and we will remember you forever and continue to pray to God for your good health.
Case of urticaria and eczema – Raga 4. 5 years
Raga has been a healthy baby since her birth. But every now and then she would get eruptions on her body which would spread to her full body like hives. She would itch herself badly and often these hives would get badly scratched and bruised.. They left marks on her body.
Initially they happened once in a few months but then it started happening 1-2 times in a month.
Doctors advised to give her Allegra and medicines for urticaria. We could never understand why they happened suddenly.
We kept giving Raga these medicines for past 2 years. I even tried homeopathy for her but these eruptions kept happening.
Then in October last year I had just started my older daughter Kiara on Joetherapy for her acute asthma and we were seeing miraculous results instantly. So I asked doctor Joe for a therapy for Raga.
And again Joetherapy did a miracle. with Joetherapy for eczema Raga has been off steroid ointments, Allegra and other such medicines and the eruptions havent happened in the last 4 months when I started Joetherapy.
A relief from toxic medicines and a happy life is what doctor Joe blessed my both kids with his therapies.
Its amazing to see how other Doctors put tons of drops of the same medicine into sweet pills or half cup water and how doctor Joe advise jjust 3 drops of medicines in half a litre of water bottle.
Thank you doctor Joe. May the world know of you and get cured with your therapies and stay away from the toxic medicines that make these Doctors earn their money.