A desperate mother’s story of how her baby son’s Asthma was cured

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This is an account of a baby’s battle with Asthma which the mother noticed occurred immediately after he was vaccinated. It is an interesting read and proves that vaccinating an innocent baby has its repercussions.

It is a great pleasure to report my son’s healing from asthma. He was born full term in the hospital as a healthy baby. He was not circumcised but got his shots in the hospital. We have no history of asthma or food allergies in the family and live in a mold free environment. We tried to space out his shots so he did not get more than two at a time but still after his two months shots he had a high fever and ended up in the hospital. There was no explanation and was let home shortly after he got some medication. A few months later he had a bad a cold that made him wheezing. He was put on a nabulizer at the doctors office right away and was prescribed oral steroids for five days. We were told to give him steroids in the nabulizer at home. During the summer he did not get heavy wheezing but still caught colds and viruses frequently with fevers on and off and little wheezing. We used the the ventolin every time he was wheezing every three-four hours . Then fall came and our then 9 months old baby started to get sick even more often. We ended up in the pediatricians office and prescribed the five day steroids again. He was vaccinated at 12 months for the last time and he got really sick. A few weeks later had a fever and wheezing and steroids were prescribed again. Finally we were referred to a pulmonologist. He was trying to make us give the baby flu shots and was really making us feel guilty and bad parents. We knew somehow that something was not right. He did a full chest x ray and everything showed normal still prescribed the preventive medicine. We were supposed to give him budesonide twice daily in a nabulizer and the ventolin as an extra when he got sick. We started him on the preventive Steroid but right away he became a different baby. Our active, playful and happy baby became a sad and lifeless person. He was laying down on the floor with his pacifier and blanket all day. His nose was running constantly without being sick. It was at bedtime when I heard him with a shortness of breath and scared me. I called the doctor and they told me it was all normal side effects of the medication. After three days my family decided we should not give him the steroids anymore. That is when I reached out to dr De Livera. He has helped us before with our daughters reflux four years ago. But somehow we all forgot about the healing power of homeopathy and his wonderful gift Joepathy. He answered right away and told us to start him with natsulph 6c in wet dose right away twice a day. We started him in February with the prescribed dose and instantly got our baby back. He was back to his normal self eating and playing happily. He was not coming down with a virus every week but seemed to be more stronger against the viruses. It was a month later when he got sick with a cough and runny nose and came down with wheezing right away. Dr De Livera advised us to give him Gelsemium 200c in wet dose twice a day to shorten the cold. And Arsenicum Album 200c pellet in mabulizer. We were also supposed to do physiotherapy and steam therapy. However, I made a mistake not trusting homeopathy and took him in to the emergency room. He was given oral steroids again and another course for home. His wheezing did not stop. Three days later he was still wheezing and prescribed something else but we never gave him. I had to learn my lesson and really put my faith in homeopathy. I gave him the ars alb in nabulizer and it stopped wheezing right away. I was
Doing the steam therapy as he told us and he got the usual natsulph and gelsemium. He was already better in two days. I never went back to the doctor for any checkups. Since March he has been on the natsulph 6c twice daily and has not caught any bigger virus. Two weeks ago my daughter brought home a virus from school. It was deep coughing, runny nose and for my son it started off wheezing as well. I followed the routine of gelsemium and ars alb as needed with steam therapy and I also gave him any tart 30 c orally to help loosen the mucus and to prevent the build up in his lungs. He was out of this virus sooner than my 4 year old daughter who barely gets sick. I never went to do the doctor or the emergency room. He just seemed to shake it off so easily.
It has been four months since we started Joepathy and my 18 month old boy is stronger day by day. I have gained confidence in homeopathy and have made major changes in our everyday lives. I am cooking all the time because this healthy boy has a big appetite and eats like at least 40 different vegetables and fruits a week in soups and other healthy meals. We stopped vaccinating our children and we started to look into homeopathy for every aspect of our lives. Our son is still on the natsulph 6c once a day before bedtime and will continue to keep him on it until Dr De Livera advices us not to give him anymore.
I am just thankful and feel so blessed that Dr De Livera came into our lives. He really has a gift from above and thanks to his Joepathy we have a healthy And happy boy who can eat and do anything without the harmful effects of steroids. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and may God bless you always. We are forever grateful.

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50 year old patient suffers from a Stroke and is discharged in 3 days

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This is an amazing record of a 50 year old patient who suffered from a Stroke who was almost cured in 3 days.

K. Lalchand says:
October 19, 2018 at 4:06 AM (Edit)
Dear Dr. Joe De Livera,

From time to time, I have read your posts on the ABC Homeopathy Forum and have been fascinated by your approach. Today, I approach you for help with my wife’s condition. For the sake of brevity, I shall confine myself to the bare facts. I would be extremely grateful for any guidance you are able to offer.

Age: 50

History: High Blood Pressure (upto 180/108) since a few years despite medication, Vitamin B-12 Defiency, lacks “Intrinsic Factor”, inherited Beta Thalassemia Trait, Overweight by about 30 kgs. Considered “Pre-diabetic” Cholesterol levels normal. Tends to be under stress as she takes up too much responsibility both at work and home. Poor sleeper. Has suffered cramps in calves for years but reduced lately after taking Magnesium supplements.

About a week ago, had to be rushed to hospital with complaint of sudden loss of strength in left leg and to a small extent, in left arm. Both left leg and left arm were observed to twitch and gently sway on their own. Was unable to stand on left leg. Complained of headache with pain located around the crown. Initial diagnosis was sciatica but the “floppiness” in leg and arm was found to be unusual. Was sent home but had to be taken back to hospital the next day as symptoms worsened. This time, tests and scans pointed to a stroke. A clot was found in the front part of the brain. Currently, is on Aspirin, Statins and pain killers. Also undergoing physiotherapy. She is improving on a daily basis but is unable to walk without the support of a walking frame. Left leg still feels weak. Left arm strength has been almost fully regained at this point. There were no apparent signs of memory loss, confusion, facial distortion, slurred speech or vision problems during or after attack. While at hospital, there are on-going tests to determine the cause of the stroke.

Based on personal experience and my own interest in Homeopathy, I have tremendous trust in in the ability of Homeopathic remedies to genuinely cure disease. It is with this trust and hope, I seek your help and guidance to help my wife recover from the effects of this stroke. I would be more than happy to provide any further information you would like.

Looking forward to your guidance,


PS: We are based in the UK and have bought Homeopathic remedies from Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy in the past.

Joe says:
October 19, 2018 at 11:31 AM (Edit)
It is very likely that it is your wife’s obesity that is the root cause of the majority of her current medical problems. You did mention “inherited Beta Thalassemia Trait,” but I do not think that this is relevant today.

Her therapy for Obesity will comprise the use of
Nat Phos 6x dose 3 tablets taken thrice daily after every meal. You will weigh yourself before you start on my therapy and you can expect a reduction of at least 1kg per week which you will report. What is her current weight?

Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily before meals is the remedy to filter the blood and you will discover that the clot will not be visible in under 10 days in an Ultra sound scan which you will report.
Arnica will help her insomnia.

She will stop all drugs as the Arnica prescribed will be far more effective than the Aspirin and the Statins as they will be the cause of other problems.

We can observe her Blood pressure in a week when the remedies prescribed have worked but she may continue the drug she is taking today for BP.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol / Alcohol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a dose which is 5ml or a teaspoonful as prescribed.

Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a teaspoonful.

Khushiram Lalchand says:
October 19, 2018 at 11:52 AM (Edit)
Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Deeply grateful. My wife’s current weight is 90 kgs (height: 5 feet, 3 inches). Her weight problems started with her first pregnancy and got worse with the second one at which time it was established she is insulin-intolerant.

I will obtain Nat. Phos 6x and Arnica 30c immediately. Will submit regular reports, at least on a weekly basis.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help in this moment of crisis.

Belated Birthday Greetings to you!


Joe says:
October 19, 2018 at 12:08 PM (Edit)
Thank you for your greetings on my 89th Birthday.

I noticed that I had not copied the instructions to make the Wet dose (Google) and have added it a short while ago.


Khushiram Lalchand says:
October 19, 2018 at 1:00 PM (Edit)
Thank you for that Doctor. I have been reading that article for a while. Very heartening to know how valuable Arnica is. My love for Homeopathy began during my school days when I was prescribed Kali Phos 30 for improving my memory. I am in my 50s now and firmly believe in the power of Homeopathy. And one when comes across ground-breaking Homeopathic doctors such as yourself, one is inspired ever so much.

K. Lalchand says:
October 23, 2018 at 4:58 PM (Edit)
Dear Doctor,
The Homeopathic remedies arrived on Saturday, 20th Oct. Prepared Arnica Wet Dose as per your instructions and started her on the treatment. We began to observe some fairly swift improvement in her mobility by late evening on Saturday itself. She has been steadily regaining strength in her left leg and is able to walk about on the frame without anybody else assisting her. She is able to sit up on the bed and get back in without any aid. She is also able to move her left leg fully towards herself while lying on the bed (something which she could not do a few days ago). She can also wiggle her toes fully now! Best of all, she can briefly stand on her feet completely without ANY support to brush her teeth, wash her face, etc.! This is nothing short of a miracle. Her doctors and nurses are hugely impressed and are preparing to discharge her within the next 2-3 days. Also, it looks like her weight has dropped by at least 1 kg in the last few days.

Her left arm which had initially been affected to a small extent is fully functional now.
We are so grateful for your generous guidance. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are awaiting some test reports. As soon as we have them, I shall share the findings with you.
One question – how long should the Homeopathic treatment continue? We would be concerned about the possibility of a future stroke – I have full faith that Homeopathic remedies can help prevent this. What would you advise by way of prevention? My wife tends to take on a lot of stress. She is also generally quick to lose her temper. Hopefully, she will learn to take thing with calmness now onwards.

Once again, my heartfelt gratitude to you for helping us in this moment of crisis.

Warm regards,

PS: A few hours after I completed this draft, my wife has been discharged from hospital and she’s back home now. She’s able to climb stairs with a little bit of support from the railing. Will write a detailed post shortly.

Joe says:

October 23, 2018 at 6:07 PM (Edit)
I am delighted to learn that my therapy aka “Joepathy” worked so very quickly and that your patient responded in just a few hours after starting on my therapy.

It is possible that she set the record in her response in a few hours and I am happy that she was discharged in just 3 days after using my therapy.

I shall look forward to your detailed report of her case which I can embody in the section I devote on my Website for outstanding cases which can be accessed by those who may like to read more about Joepathy which was once condemned by classical homeopaths as not being Homeopathy as I refused to conform to the classical rules which specify that one “treats the symptoms of the disease with a single remedy”.


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Chronic Eczema starts to dry up in just 2 days.

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Roel Raymond says:
August 28, 2018 at 7:01 PM (Edit)
Successful Treatment Of Chronic Eczema
Dear Dr. Joe de Livera,
I am very glad I came to hear of you and you were able to help me with my recurring ‘situation’.
Eczema is not a pleasant affliction and I have suffered from the pain and the shame associated with it for many years.
My first encounter with eczema was when I was 15 years old (1999). A wound appeared on my inner thigh and would not heal. I was an athlete at the time and would cover the wound up and continue my training but after some time, the wound replicated onto my other thigh.
Over the next few months the eczema spread on my arms and other parts of my legs rendering me incapacitated. I could no longer attend school, and as I had just been appointed Vice Games Captain, this was very disappointing for me.
I tried countless home remedies, bathing in venivelgeta (tree turmeric), bathing in a concoction of rice so that I was exquisitely plastered in a thin, milky film at the end of the bath and changing my diet to more cooling foods.
My family even sent me to live in the cooler, more salubrious climes of Kandy until I recovered. In all it took 9 months for the eczema to abate, during which time I could not attend school or attend to my responsibilities or participate in any of the athletic events I had qualified for earlier in the year.
No one knew what had triggered the eczema. As a child I had suffered a great deal from asthma, but all symptoms of that disease had disappeared the more I involved myself with sports, and I was in a very healthy place from a physical standpoint.
I wasn’t plagued by eczema the next 13 years, but in 2012, six months after the death of my father, a wound appeared once more on the lower half of my calf. Dismissing it as an ‘ordinary’ wound, I covered it with a plaster and continued my work.
But the blisters spread rapidly and far worse than it had when I was last affected in 1999. This time my entire body – thighs, shins, fingers, forehead, arms, midriff – were affected. It was an intensely traumatic period for me that lasted over a year. Once more, I had to stay at home and could no longer work or attend to my responsibilities.
I went to doctors considered the best dermatologists in the country and was advised to change my soap and my washing powder, to apply steroids and creams and to bathe in medicated solutions. Although I had expected some relief from the advise dispensed by these doctors, the blisters and itching persisted.
At the time, I was also a model, and was very concerned I would be scarred for life by the wounds taking hold of my body. Sadly many of the scars on my legs still remain, although, God is good – the scars on my face and arms are no longer visible.
It was only when a friend recommended homeopathy to me that I finally found an alternative solution to the eczema. The going was slow however – it took about six months of needles for the blisters to finally subside.
By this time I had realised I was not the type to be frequently afflicted by eczema, but knew that when it came, it would come hard. Having been afflicted so badly and for so long in 2012, I had not expected to have to deal with eczema again for some time, but just last October (2017), at age 33 – with no trigger – I once again found myself attending to wounds that had appeared on my buttocks.
Since it was not possible for me to see the homeopath I received treatment from the last time, my first recourse was to the doctors, where I was prescribed steroids and tablets. I returned a few weeks later, and although the wounds had not disappeared the doctor told me I was on the mend and that there was no need for me to return unless it got ‘bad’.
In the months since, the blisters spread up and down my legs. My buttocks and thighs were the most afflicted by wounds and lesions, while my calves, shins, ankle and heel were also affected. I determined I would not stop working and covered up my wounds by wearing long pants and continued my work. The eczema was particularly bad at night, when itching would cause it to ooze. Once more I was suffering from a disease to which there was no known cure.
It was at this point that a friend of mine suggested I see Dr. Joe de Livera. By that time I had almost lost hope, but decided to see Dr. de Livera anyway, where he immediately put me on a wet dose of Arnica 6 – to be taken orally, diluted in water, twice a day, and sprayed on the wounds and lesions as frequently and possible.
Dr. de Livera assured me I would see results in three days, but I was surprised when within two days of treatment, some of the wounds began drying up. As we speak, the wounds on my buttocks, ankle and heel are dry and we are continuing dosage for my shins. Dr. de Livera assures me that eczema can be kept at bay my entire life, and I have not heard words that give me so much hope.
Eczema is terrible, debilitating and shame-inducing disease and I am grateful to God he has put Dr. de Livera on earth to administer His healing touch to His people. I can’t begin to tell you the hopelessness I felt when all my reading led me to believe eczema could not be treated. I have hope now that this monster can be kept at bay.
Viva la ‘joepathy’!
Joe says:
August 28, 2018 at 8:46 PM (Edit)
n reply to Roel Raymond.
Thank you for your first person account of the relief that Arnica 6c gave you in just 2 days from your chronic Eczema.
It will take a few more weeks to resolve itself as yours is a chronic manifestation of this disease which cannot be cured with allopathic drugs. I have had some experience in curing Eczema and you can read the many cases I have helped with my therapy aka “Joepathy” that you can access by a Search on my Home Page.
It is fortunate that you were referred to me by a mutual friend and I hope that this relief will continue into the future.

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82 year old patient recovers from Stroke

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Thank you for having acceded to my request to make a concise report of your 82 year old father’s recovery from a stroke he suffered from in January 2018.

You have been reporting on his progress as requested by me weekly and I do not think that you need to do so from now as he is not a patient anymore and can be considered as cured. You will however continue the daily protocol of 2 doses of Arnica 10M.

I believe I mentioned that I am his senior in age by 6 years and will be 89 next October. I do not take any drugs whatever unless on a SOS basis and I thank God for giving me my extended lifespan which I have dedicated to helping others with my own unique interpretation of Homeopathy aka “Joepathy” which I have always found would cure the patient.

I shall copy your report below:

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Author: Natalia
Respected Sir,

I want to use this email to tell anyone interested in how your “joepathy” treatment has been helping my father in the last 4-5 months.

My father had a stroke in Jan 2018. This was his second major stroke in 5 years and he is now 82. The first stroke was MCA on right side of brain. He recovered with physiotherapy but still used to drag his left leg and hardly used his left arm. According to the doctors, he had recovered 70%. This second stroke was on left rear side of brain that had badly affected his cognition. He couldnt sleep at night time and got restless in the bed. As a result, the hospital had him on antipyschotic drugs and sleeping pills.

Before we started Joepathy, his symptoms that were really affecting him were poor cognition (couldn’t recall recent things, like what he ate), had very less attention span, very poor vision (he had some tunnel vision). He could walk with a cane and one person support.

Then, Sir prescribed Arnica IM WD thrice daily, that was changed to twice daily and later was upgraded to Arnica 10M WD twice daily. I have been regularly providing weekly reports on Sir’s website if anyone is interested in reading it. As of now, he is at home. He is physically active, goes for walks with me outside, climbs up and down stairs, exercises daily for his arms and legs. From a cognition standpoint, he is much much better than where he was in Jan, Feb and even Mar. His long-term memory has come back, his short-term memory has improved, his attention span is better and so is his vision. In all, he has improved thanks to Sir and his treatment.

Thank you Sir for all your support and guidance.