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Brain hemorrhage in a patient is helped with my therapy in a month

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In reply to Michael Pen.

Thank you for sharing the great news that your dad is now able to walk in the house after his stroke and haemorrhage on May 2 2019. 

You started on my Joepathy on 23 June and this indicates that he recovered in just under ONE MONTH on my therapy aka “Joepathy”(Google)

I do hope that you will spread this incredible news with other patients some of whom never recover from Strokes and Brain Hemorrhage. You might inform his Neuro surgeon about his miracle recovery and refer him to my Website with instructions to read about Robert Ray.

You state that he is incontinent and I am confident that this function too will return in a few weeks.

I shall prescribe another remedy in a month as I wish to first observe if he can progress towards a complete cure in this period with the Arnica 30c.

It is a post like yours that makes it worth while my spending the rest of my life to help patients like your Dad at my advanced age of almost 90 years when I celebrate my Birthday on 19th October.

May Godd Bless you ahd your dad and I hope that you will thank God every day of your life for having guided you to contact me to help him with my Joepathy

Select comment  Michael Pen
Doctor Joe,I want to update you the progress of my dad’s health who suffered a brain hemorrhage on May 2, 2019 (my post dated June 19, 2019). We started Arnica 30 C treatment on 23.06.2019.Now it is almost one month. I am glad to inform you that he can now move in the house with help. It is a great relief for my mother and sister who are taking care of my dad. Only one thing that bothers me is that he still does not have full sense of using toilet yet. Hence he has to use diaper pad. Can you suggest something for it?Thanks a lot!God bless you!Regards Michael

Coconut oil helped a patient suffering from Parkinson’s

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I discovered an old post I made on the Homeopathyhome Website many years ago in 2013  and felt that I should share it again with visitors to my Website as it may help a patient who presents Parkinson’s disease.

  • Joe De Livera started a topic How Coconut Oil helped patient suffering from Parkinson’s Diseasein Homeopathy List Discussion23rd October 2013, 12:21 PM…proved-my-life

    Coconut oil has improved my life
    by fwes

    I am 74 years old and I have Parkinson’s, diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago and am under conventional drug treatment by Mayo Clinic. A year ago, while taking Mirapex Er (3mg) and Azilect (1Mg), my symptoms had progressed to severe slowness, unsteadiness, chronic stiffness and joint pain, frequent freezing episodes and I dragged my left leg. I had lost all facial expression and my lower left leg was retaining a significant amount of fluid (swelling to about 130%). 

    The addition of Carbidopa/Levodopa (25/100, 3 per day) eased the joint pain and the freezing episodes and restored some of the lost balance, but I still had annoying unsteadiness, slow movement, and could not rise from a low chair unassisted. I still dragged my left leg. I began to have severe lower back pain (under-medicated?) and got some relief from osteopathic manipulation. 

    This past April, I began taking coconut oil, worked up to 8T daily (4 with breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner). I saw significant improvements in a couple of days. My wife and friends are astonished at my apparent recovery. It is strikingly noticeable. The reason for this dosage pattern is that I can feel a return of old symptoms 6-8 hours after the last dose, especially the return of dragging my left leg and low back pain. 

    Current status: 
    I move so quickly about the house (kitchen) that my wife and I nearly collide, 
    My speed on the elliptical trainer changed from 2 mph to 3.5 mph in a few days (I had to be careful with this, my knees were not used to this level of performance) 
    I have good balance (stand on one foot, put on pants standing without support, confidently step over small objects 6″, etc) 
    I can rise from any chair unassisted 
    I can do football agility drills (shift right, shift left, step forward, step back in response to random commands) 
    Past and Present Photos show a pronounced change in facial expression 
    I can smell again 
    My osteopath has noticed a pronounced improvement in joint flexibility 
    The swelling in my left leg has disappeared. 
    I walk normally, but still have a tendency to stoop. 
    Back pain has disappeared, but returns quickly if I get behind on dosage 
    My primary care physician has declared my improvement miraculous, he calls me his “clinical trial of one” 

    I have no delusions that this is a cure. I still have Parkinson symptoms, but my quality of life has vastly improved. We are about at the end of 3 months, and the benefits are maintaining. Something real has happened to me. 

    There is solid science behind this: Blog of Dr Mary Newport 
    I strongly encourage you to look a some of her postings on the Internet and to read her book: Alzheimer’s – what if there was a cure. 

    Saturated Fat Myths: The knee-jerk fear of saturated fats has been largely discounted by modern research results. Nonetheless, my doctor did a complete blood workup on me after 2 months: big rise in HDL (good) and all LDL in large particles (good). Healthy blood report! 

    I may be a lucky one. I take my coconut oil on top of hot tea or coffee, hardly noticeable. It can cause indigestion, so start slowly and work up gradually. I saw benefits in a couple of days. In the interest of science, give it a fair trial and then report your results here on the ABC.

    Dr. Newport reports that 19 PD patients have reported benefits to her. Her initial and primary interest is in Alzheimer’s. To the degree that this is a case of benefit from improved nutrition to the damaged brain, there is hope that some of the AD benefits will also apply to the PD patients. USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute began double blind Clinical Trials on 65 AD patients in April, the first clinical trials of coconut oil as a therapy!

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