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I am copying a report on potentizing Elephant’s Milk that I was associated with in 2008 which I discovered on the Homeopathy and More Forum of which I was a Founder Member. I am copying it on my own Website for purposes of record.


By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
May 1 2008
I would like to record the process that we used to Triturate Elephant’s Milk (Lac Loxodonta Ceylanica) under the direction of a Homeopath from Switzerland who visited Sri Lanka a few days ago to obtain a sample of this Milk which was drawn from a lactating Elephant.

One drop of the milk is inserted on 3 gm Lactose (about 1 coffee spoonful) which is heaped on a sterilized porcelain mortar about 15 cm diameter. It is then ground into the lactose by the porcelain pestle which is rotated by hand for 6 minutes around the inside of the mortar which is covered evenly by the lactose. The smell of the drop of Elephant’s Milk was very noticeable at this stage and it pervaded the room throughout the trituration process.
The potency of the first trituration is considered as 1C
The lactose is collected into a heap by scraping the sides of the mortar and another 3 gm is added to the heap. The process is repeated for another 6 minutes and the powder collected into a heap.
The potency of the second trituration is considered as 2 C.
Another 3 gm is added and the process repeated for a further 6 minutes.
The potency of the second trituration is considered as 3 C.
The process is repeated for the 4th time and is considered as 4 C
1 gm is taken from the triturated lactose and inserted into 9 gm distilled water in a sterilized glass bottle with glass lid and is succussed by shaking hard in the hand for about 6 minutes. The remedy is considered to be 5 C.
The water is emptied and another 9 gm water inserted into the bottle and the process is continued. The droplets of water that adhere to the inside surface of the bottle is the starter for the higher potency. Each additional succussion is considered as 1 C higher on the potency scale.

When the required potency is reached the distilled water is replaced by 95% Ethanol which is succussed in the same manner and is used to potentize lactose pellets in the usual manner.

The potentized Elephant’s Milk has not been proved up to now but the Swiss expert is of opinion that it can help to pass on to the user the characteristics of the Elephant. Details of provings will be forwarded to me sometime in the future.

This process of Trituration with Lactose and later with Ethanol can be used to potentize any substance including plants when a tiny piece of a leaf or flower is used. It will be observed that this process will widen the catalogue of remedies that are now available in Homeopathy and it will be possible for those interested in the propagation of this science to potentize various remedies from plants that have been used in Ayurveda for centuries whose curative effects are already recorded.

It is my hope that others will continue this process that I have detailed above and will prove the remedies that they potentize and record their observations on a Forums like ours and share this information with the World Body of Homeopaths.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka

By: udaya kumar

May 1 2008
Dear Joe,
Thanks for the information.

One thing I would like to place on record here is what I have heard from my father as a child,around 45 years ago, about the use of elephant in medicines. I was told that my grand uncles were renowned vaidyas and doctors and my father was also good at medicines. I then had overheard what he was mentioning about a medicine. I cannot recollect now distinctly as to whether it was taken from its dung or from its teeth or from its hair on the tail. But, one of the parts of the elephant he mentioned as having extraordinary capacity in growing hair on a bald head.

And then he immediately added that there is one bad effect in it. i.e. the hair may come fast and stay there for some time but when the hair goes off, those places will be effected by Leucoderma, just the same way as the forehead and ears of the elephant are affected by Leucoderma.

That is a preparation in material dose. In the case of homeopathy, the effect should be reverse. And therefore, the effect of homeopathic doses of Lac Loxodonta Indianica should be a cure for Leucoderma! In that case it should be breakthrough as one medicine for all because that is going to be a Sarcode/Nosode.

It is also observed that the prevailence of Leucoderma has been on the rise in the recent years. Arsenic Sulph Flavum being a head reamedy, for Leucoderma (Vitiligo), we can easily conclude that it is a malady of miasmetic origin as both Arsenic and Sulphur together is able to control it. Arsenic and Sulphur BOTH being remedies which work against all the three miasms i.e. anti psoric, anti-syphlitic and anti-sycotic. And their area of function undoubtedly is stomach and skin. The intrinsic relationship in the case of Leucoderma therefore, is between stomach and skin. Also in all cases where I have checked with the person suffering from this malady, the person have been using excessive lemon, lemon water or citric juices and fond of milk and milk products. There is a need to establish these links.

“”””The potentized Elephant’s Milk has not been proved up to now but the Swiss expert is of opinion that it can help to pass on to the user the characteristics of the Elephant. Details of provings will be forwarded to me sometime in the future. ”””

Talking about the characteristics of the elephant, One thing I am sure about elephant is that it does not have any EGO neither about its power, its size or its intelligence. It is very pious animal and devoted to God and therefore in a higher plane of consciousness than human beings. Its milk is certainly required for many many modern men and women.

with regards. udaya

By: garcot
May 2 2008
Off all the living things in this world,

Elephants retain their memory longest.
because they have the biggest ( size)

Elephants never sleep ( that is a sad thing, Elephants need only about four hours rest each night and unless the animal is sick, it will not lie down to sleep.)

Elephants can run very long distances non stop

Elephants are very compassionate.

Elephants (some of them) develop leucoderma ( as Udaya said )

Elephants can recognise their enemy even after 12 years!

Elephants are herbivores and will spend up to 20 hours a day eating anywhere from 150 to 300kg of jungle fodder or 6 to 8% of their body weight in food each day. They have a simple digestive system with an unusual cylindrical shaped stomach that stores the food while it waits to be fermented by bacteria in the caecum. The combined length of the small and large intestines is about 100ft. (35m) and it takes about 24 hours to digest a meal. They only derive nutrition from about 45% of what they eat. They prefer feeding on grasses; however they will also eat large amounts of bark, roots and leaves. Understandably, when elephants come across cultivated crops this food becomes addicting and as a result leads to human elephant confrontations. As far as cultivated foods, they seem to prefer rice, bananas and sugar cane. It is like a child being let loose in a candy store.

Elephants have very small eyes compared to the rest of their sense organs.

Elephants normally move only in small groups. BEHAVIOR:

The basic social structure is made up of a family group consisting of 2 to 10 females and their offspring. It has been found that groups of 3 or less adult females with offspring are more stable than larger groups. Young males start to move out of the family group between the ages of 6 and 7 years old. Young males will associate with each other in transitory groups until they reach adulthood. When they become full-grown males they are solitary and only associate with a group when courting a female in estrus.
Elephants live as long as 70 years and above. ( A newborn calf weighs 200 pounds and stands about three feet tall at the shoulder. One of the first things a calf smells is the dung of the mother that is dropped shortly after the calf born; this associates her scent to her baby. The calf can stand two hours after birth and it will begin to suckle. The young are weaned at about 2 years old. Their rate of growth, the age at which they reach puberty, their life span, and their gerontic (last phase of life) progression is similar to that of man).

Elephant’s pass stools in large lumps.

The gestation period is 22 months and one or sometimes two calves are born.
females reach sexual maturity at about the age of 10. If conditions are difficult sexual maturity may be delayed several years.

Elephants have a pulse rate which is half that of humans. ( infact crocodiles have the lowest with 2 to 3 per minute (like in deep meditation) and they live upto 600 years)

Elephants by nature have rough skin and are generally on the darker side. The skin is about 1 inch (2.5cm) thick, however it is paper-thin on the insides of the ears, around the mouth and the anus. The skin contains no sweat glands and is soft to the touch. Skin care is an important part of an elephants lifestyle. Wallowing plays an integral role in elephant society; it also serves as a way to protect the skin from insect bites, sunburn and moisture loss. A bath is important to both captive and wild elephants. It not only cleans them, but is also relaxing to them.

Hearing: All elephants have acute hearing far superior to humans and their large ears act amplifiers. There is a knuckle found at the back of the ear, which is one of the softest parts of their bodies; mahouts, using their feet will steer or give commands to the animal. Elephants communication is rich in infrasound (ranging below what humans can hear) with sound traveling over many kilometers. These long distance infrasonic calls are used in times of stress, excitement, during separation and to relay sexual information. Elephants have have small eyes and poor eyesight so they can only see clearly up to about 30-40 feet (10m). Their sight tends to improve when they are in shaded areas. and have no canine teeth.

Teeth: Elephants do not have canine teeth but they have four high crowned molars with a complex structure for grinding their food. These teeth do not succeed one another vertically in the usual mammalian fashion, but come in successively from behind, one tooth at a time. Think of them like a conveyor belt moving slowly from back to front. When the foremost tooth is so worn down and is of no further use, it is pushed out, mostly in pieces and replaced at the rear by a new one. An elephant grows only six complete sets of these molars during its lifetime; the final set finishes growing in at about the age of 40. This method of replacing teeth prolongs their dentition until that age. Many elephants do reach the age of 60, but few elephants reach the age of 70 because the teeth will be worn down and decayed to the point of them not being able to eat any more resulting in death by slow starvation. A baby elephant will have two or three cheek teeth in each jaw quadrant. As it gets older, new and successively bigger teeth will form in back of these, slowly pushing them forward.

Hope the above facts help us to use the mental and physical patterns where this milk in potentised form may be required.


“wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy”(Nietszche)
By: garcot
May 4 2008
Looks like, the potentised milk of an elephant would help in the following:

It would help in the following:

1. High Pulse rate / BP
2. Insomnia
3. Skin problems
4. It would help in Arthritis
5. Oversensitive to sounds
6. longivity
7. Elimination of Longterm Memory for negative impressions. ( depression?)
8. Lack of hunger

Some kind of proving would help us understand the effectiveness of this potentised milk.

Who will bell the cat?


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22 year old girl diagnosed with PCOD and Endometriosis with Chocolate Cysts and heavy bleeding reports 99% relief in just 12 days.

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22 year old girl diagnosed with PCOD and Endometriosis with Chocolate Cysts and heavy bleeding reports 99% relief in just 12 days.

Akanksha says:
April 8, 2017 at 11:19 PM (Edit)
I am a 22 year old girl, I was diagnosed with PCOD in January 2017. I had gained a lot of weight and had acne on the right side of my face, I am also suffering from hairloss. Reports showed size of my ovaries as Right Ovary – 38 x 11 mm, Left Ovary – 22 × 12 mm. I have been bleeding with big large clots for past 20 days but there is no pain, I am taking homeopathic medicines but it hasn’t stopped also I started menstruating just after 20 days of the last menstruation cycle which was for 25 days.

• Akanksha says:
April 8, 2017 at 11:26 PM (Edit)
Pleade suggest me some medicine to stop the bleeding.

• Joe says:
April 9, 2017 at 10:41 AM (Edit)
Your bleeding will STOP within a few days after you start on my therapy. I shall expect you to report when it does so.

Akanksha says:
April 11, 2017 at 3:02 PM (Edit)

Just wanted to confirm this. I had been taking Arnica 30c as told by my homeopath for the past 10 days, (10 drops, 3 times a day in half tea cup water) to stop the bleeding but it hasn’t been able to do so, it did control it and the bleeding is not heavy but Arnica 30c has not been able to entirely stop the bleeding.

So I just wanted to ask whether I should continue with Arnica 30c as suggested by you.

Thank you.

• Joe says:
April 11, 2017 at 3:26 PM (Edit)
“I had been taking Arnica 30c as told by my homeopath for the past 10 days, (10 drops, 3 times a day in half tea cup water) to stop the bleeding but it hasn’t been able to do so, ”

The Arnica 30c prescribed by your homeopath is a gross OVERDOSE.
This is the reason why it did not work so far.

Please read my therapy below and you will see that the Arnica prescribed by me is far less concentrated < 100MILLION times less than the same remedy prescribed by your homeopath. You will follow my therapy LITERALLY. Report response in a week as requested by me. Bellis Perennis 30c Apis Mel 6c Arnica M 30c All remedies to be taken in the Wet dose twice daily leaving about half hour between each. Bellis Perennis reduces the Chocolate Cysts (CC) that are usually present with Endometriosis and also prevents the rapid growth of the Endometrial Tissue internally. Apis 6c will help the body to resorb the Chocolate coloured fluid which fills them. A Scan taken 3 months into treatment shows that there is no trace of any colour (anechoic) in the fluid. The CC usually reduces at about 1cm per month. Arnica will reduce the pain and bleeding that many patients suffer from, some on a continuous daily basis. Reply • Akanksha says: April 20, 2017 at 10:02 AM (Edit) Sir I’m very happy to say that after taking the medicines for a week, as prescribed by you my bleeding has almost stopped. I’d say that it has reduced to just 1℅ of what it was. I’m hoping that this will also stop in a day or two and also I am concerned about my weight gain and acne. I weighed 53 kgs earlier and now I weigh 58 kgs( my height is 5.2ft) I know all of it is due to pcos and I’m trying to reduce my weight by having a healthy and low carb diet. But I just wanted to ask if you could suggest any medicine regarding these problems as well. Thankyou so much for your help. It is a report like yours that gives me great joy and keeps me motivated at my advanced age of 87 to continue my mission to help suffering humanity with my therapy aka "Joepathy". You have reported 99% relief from your Bleeding which seemed to be out of control in just 12 days after you started on my therapy. " I have been bleeding with big large clots for past 20 days but there is no pain". I am copying your case on my Website to enable other patients who also suffer from the same symptoms to use my therapy which you and many other patients have used to help with their pain and bleeding during their monthly cycle.

Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) reported CURED by “Joepathy” in just over 2 weeks in a 63 year old patient who was ordered to have surgery.

By Joe April 2nd, 2017, under Uncategorized

I am copying the conversation with Nancy Peltz a 63 years old patient who was diagnosed with MVP after an accident and ordered surgery just 2 weeks ago.

Nancy Peltz says:
March 6, 2017 at 1:24 AM (Edit)
Dear Sir,
Recently I suffered an impact to my sternum which caused severe pain. I went to the physician assistant and she detected a hear murmur, and referred me for an echocardiogram. I had the echocardiogram 2 days age and was advised to have surgery, as the regurgitated blood flow was heavy, due to the Mitral Valve Prolapse. I have never had any symptoms, until recently, and they were occasional (2x weekly) when speaking I could feel catching my breath. I will be 63 in a few weeks, exercise daily, and am very fit. I wish to avoid surgery, obviously. I am 5ft, 61/2 inches tall and weigh 135 lbs. I eat healthy, although I do drink a cup of coffee in the morning, and have never smoked. I was told that I was born with the Mitral Valve Prolapse. I do not have swollen ankles.
Please advise me, as I appreciate any help.

• Joe says:
March 6, 2017 at 5:39 PM (Edit)
” I was told that I was born with the Mitral Valve Prolapse.”
It can therefore be assumed that your accident had nothing to do with your MVP. The surgery recommended can be considered as a last resort and you can use my therapy aka “Joepathy” copied below for 4 months and you will consult the same doctor again and report the diagnosis after another Echo Cardiogram is done.

My therapy for MVP is noted below and comprises using Arnica 30c, Nat Phos 6x and Ferr Phos 6x and Apis 6c. All remedies to be taken in the Wet dose made precisely as indicated.

Arnica, has the incredible ability of filtering the blood and increasing its flow throughout the body. This increased flow seems to help in stimulating the Mitral valve to close but I cannot understand how this phenomenon does occur and can only quote the cases of patients, whose cardiologists discovered that the heart murmur was not audible in a few months on my therapy. A dose is taken twice daily.

Nat Phos 6x will help by accelerating the passage of food down the gut which will help in your cure. It will also reduce your weight 1kg per week. Dose 3 tablets taken thrice daily after meals. Report your weight reduction.

Ferr Phos 6x will increase the oxygenation of the blood and will help in the curative process.
Dose 3 tablets taken before meals thrice daily.

Apis 6c will help to increase Kidney functions to enable the body to leach out the harmful chemicals in the blood.

You will take a Fish Oil capsule and I would recommend PULSE which is a special Fish Oil extracted from fish in the Arctic Circle which have higher levels of Omega 3.

I presume that you are taking various drugs for your MVP and that you feel tired with pain over the heart. I would appreciate if you will keep me posted with any difference in your symptoms, especially the pain you have experienced over your heart which some patients have reported receded in about a week.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.

Please follow the following restrictions which are essential to ensure that the remedy prescribed is not antidoted:

Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

You must exercise on a daily basis to ensure that your body is helped by the increased blood flow which will gradually improve the bodily functions by unblocking the micro capillaries which may be blocked.

You will drink over 3 liters water daily to flush out your system.

Report progress weekly.

• Nancy Peltz says:
March 14, 2017 at 5:58 AM (Edit)
Dear Sir;
Thank you for your quick response. I started the arnica today, and will keep you posted.
Nancy P

• Nancy Peltz says:
April 1, 2017 at 11:49 PM (Edit)
Dear Sir,
I am following your protocol for the last 3 weeks. At this time there is no pain in my chest. I did want to clarify that the pain was from the injury. Also, the homeopathic cardiologist I saw said the mummer was a gentle blow and not harsh, an improvement. I will have an echo-cardiogram in 2 weeks to compare with the original echo-cardiogram. I feel great, no shortness of breath, I’m sleeping well, am not fatigue on my job, and I continue to teach yoga in the evenings. I am able to walk very quickly throughout the school hallways, my day job. At night my heat beats very softly.
I will continue to keep you posted,
With gratitude,

• Joe says:
April 2, 2017 at 7:21 AM (Edit)

I am shocked to learn that you were ordered to have Cardiac surgery which your cardiologist would have obviously known would only have aggravated your condition at your advanced age of 63 when your MVP was first detected after you “suffered an impact to my sternum which caused severe pain”.

I hope you thanked God that you located my Website as I do not think that any other Homeopath would have prescribed the only remedy that can resolve your condition which you were born with and which you lived with for 63 long years.

I was very interested to learn that in just over 2 WEEKS your MVP has almost been cured, judging from your report and I shall await the results of your next Echo Cardiogram with interest.

You may not be aware that I am 87 years old and it is a report like yours that motivates me to continue with my therapy which was once derisively labelled “Joepathy” as I do not follow the strict classical rules practiced in Homeopathy.

My Joepathy invariably CURES the patient while their classical homeopathy invariably does not !

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Google “UROLIFT” for all the news on this revolutionary new discovery that will replace the trauma of a Prostatectomy which over 40% of the male population in developed nations have to face in their advancing years usually after 60 years of age.

The UroLift System is a revolutionary approach to treating BPH that lifts and holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra. It is the only BPH procedure that does not require cutting, heating or removal of the prostate tissue.

UroLift® System

Arnica 6c replaces Metformin 500 for another Diabetic

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Arnica 6c enables another Diabetic to replace Metformin 500 which she was taking twice daily for ailment.

to Mehak1995.
You reported on 5/3/17:
“my mom is diabetic and her diabetes is in control infact she sometimes face concition bcz she is taking gulucophage 500 twice a day.. i have read ur posts abt how arnica control. Diabetes she is taking arnica 30c liquid twice daily .. doc joe can i reduec her intake of allopatheic med for sugar.. as arnica might help her if we check her sugar levels regularly ”

You reported yesterday:
“Sir today was her first day with arnica 6c .. she didnt took gulucophage 500 her random sugar was 141 and after giving her arnica 6c we again check afte 1.5 hours her sugar level came down to 86 .. she took a glass of milk .. and after some hours we again checked her sugar level which was 105 .. she didn’t took gulucophage 500 in evening as well”

“Today her fasting was 83 and random aftr taking arnica was 136 she didn’t took gulucophage since yesterday”

She can STOP the Glucophage 500 and replace it with Arnica 6c in the Wet dose 5ml or a capful, taken twice daily for LIFE.

You may like to know that as far as I am aware, I am the first Homeopath in the world to discover and report this phenomenon of Arnica 6c controlling Diabetes.
It is not mentioned in any homeopathic text or Materia Medica.


Historical record of how I discovered that Arnica helped to reduce the Blood Sugar level of Diabetics: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/30/3




Arnica in the Wet dose

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I came across this exchange of views between me and the late David Kempson (Brisbane Homeopath / Evocationer) 5 years ago on the link below which may interest visitors to my Website.


arnica in wet dose

From john29 on 2012-04-02
10 replies
This post is for Dr Uday Kumar and Do Joe Delivera

Arnica, the miracle remedy is an eye opener.You both are extremely knowledgeable on Arnica. Hence, you only could throw light or clarify on some of the adverse and restrictive opinions(on medicinenet, buzzle, webmd) as to arnica usage. For example, how long it could be used, side effects and interactions with drugs, for normal people and people with diseased conditions et al.

tks -john29

Re: arnica in wet dose From simone717 on 2012-04-03
google Joepathy and read Joe’s website-
( btw he is not a Dr.) he has been
taking arnica himself for like 20 years-
you can email him questions on his site
and decide for yourself.

have not seen Kumar on forum in a long

Re: arnica in wet dose From brisbanehomoeopath on 2012-04-03
Arnica is just one of the 5000+ homoeopathic medicines that each perform various miracles every day in the hands of skilled practitioners. As with every homoeopathic (or potentized) medicine there will be side effects if it is used inappropriately.

Inappropriate use of a medicine like Arnica would be:

1. Taking the medicine for long periods of time without regular assessment.

2. Taking the medicine when it is not indicated by virtue of its symptoms in our materia medica (matching the remedy specifically to your situation).

3. Taking the medicine alongside other homoeopathic medicines.

4. Taking the medicine simply for the name of the condition rather than looking at the individual symptoms the patient has.

5. Taking the medicine only for one complaint you have rather than matching it to the whole picture of your health.

As with all homoeopathic medicines, the guidelines for safe use are:

1. Only use the medicine when the entire case calls for it.

2. Only use enough of the medicine to create marked positive change and then stop.

3. Repeat the remedy only when there is relapse, or the condition appears to be ‘stuck’ (not changing any further).

4. Stop the remedy if any new symptoms appear, as this is a very serious and dangerous situation (suppression). Suppression can actually cause serious even permanent harm.

5. Stop the remedy if the symptoms you have get worse, and wait for them to get better. If they do not get better it is likely the remedy is the wrong one or is being given in the wrong potency.

6. Always take a medicine in water, rather than as straight pillules. This is called Split Dosing and was suggested by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the inventor of homoeopathy, over 200 years ago.

7. Move up in potency if the remedy appears to be somewhat effective, but does not change enough of the symptoms.

8. Move down in potency if the medicine reduces many important symptoms (mentals, emotionals) but seems less effective on the physicals.

9. Finally, if the medicine clearly is not working after around 1-2 weeks of observing, then change to a new remedy. Whichever remedy you are using is likely to be the wrong one.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
Dip.Hom.Med. 1994
Registered ATMS 5141
[message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on Tue, 03 Apr 2012 02:32:54 BST]

Re: arnica in wet dose From john29 on 2012-04-03
thanks, Doc Kempson.
Since these two gentlemen are strong advocates for Arnica and exhibit intensive knowledge, the intent is to get to know their take on adverse comments on sites we trust. If Arnica is so good and useful, then let people know about and be benefited. Otherwise, caution is the watchword.


Re: arnica in wet dose From Joe De Livera on 2012-04-03

You do not seem to have noticed that this post is addressed to me and Udaya Kumar by the poster John29 who has also reminded you of his original intention in addressing it to us.

Both Udaya and I are senior members of the Homeopathy and More which I helped to establish about 8 years ago and which I visit almost daily today. Udaya does not however visit the ABC today. Both of us have done considerable original research on Arnica which may seem to differ from your own concept of how Arnica can help in CURING ailments and diseases not listed in the classical Homepathic text books that you have used in college. You must understand and accept that since those days, there has been considerable progress in the world of Homeopathy and it just will not do to refuse to accept any new concept merely because you were not taught these new developments in any classical text.

This is the reason why I have collated my findings on Arnica and other Homeopathic remedies on my own website to enable those who do not accept the ‘Joepathy’ approach towards healing with the use of standard Homeopathic remedies like you, to be informed by the patients themselves who have been cured by me, that there is indeed sufficient proof of success to use my direct ‘this for that’ approach towards healing.

As you are aware, I do not subscribe to the classical Homeopathic diktat of ‘treating the totality of the symptoms presented by the patient with a SINGLE remedy’ in common with qualified Homeopaths like the doctors Banerji who use their own Banerji protocol to treat over 1500 patients daily free of charge. I noticed in the recent past that you have cast some aspersions on the efficacy of their therapy but you did not proceed to prove your statement, like many others you only talk about sometimes in a manner that seems to imply that you are the sole authority and arbiter of this precious science Homeopathy.

I am well aware of your views on the use of Homeopathic remedies and I am proud to state that although I may not have the qualifications you boast of and which you assume gives you the lien to pontificate on this science of Homeopathy which you liken to your own domain, it seems obvious to me and other members of the ABC that I have a higher ratio of CURES of ailments that I treat than those that you can boast of.

I do not pontificate as you have done again in your post on this thread where you trot out your pet theories on Homeopathy. I have disproved the majority of your claims and have sufficient evidence to prove that my Joepathy works in some mysterious manner that you cannot match with your own take on classical homeopathy.

I consider myself a living example of the advantage to be derived by using Arnica 30 nightly, as I have done continuously since 1996. I must confirm for the purpose of record that I am not the only one who has derived some distinct advantage from using Arnica as my own Blood profile is exemplary and this is reflected in my demeanour which belies my age of 83 years. Many of my patients who have also used Arnica in the manner that I do have also confirmed that they too have turned over a new page in their lives after they started on my Joepathy. It was only yesterday that a patient brought his reports on his Blood Lipid Profile which he was surprised to find was quite normal although just 2 months ago he was having Angina due to high Cholesterol for which he was taking a multitude of tablets including the TNT to lower his Cholesterol and Triglycerides, all of which he had stopped shortly after he started on my therapy.

You cannot possibly maintain that it is only the classical homeopathic therapy (as prescribed by you) that can CURE the patient as I have some outstanding cases of CURES like Robert Ray who was a victim of 3 strokes in 2002 of which you are aware of, and which you cannot possibly equate.

In this case too you simply refuse to accept that Robert was CURED of the after effects of his 3 strokes even after he confirmed himself that he was back in harness and drawing $125000 annually as a consultant in computers.


Robert Ray was CURED from the after effects of 3 Strokes he suffered from 2002 to 2010

Re: arnica in wet dose From john29 on 2012-04-05

Glad to note u are there on the forum. Please do revert for everyone’s benefit with your comments on what I asked for. I am sure your views would carry weight on arnica.


Re: arnica in wet dose From Joe De Livera on 2012-04-05
John 29

My apologies that I did not reply to your query on Arnica in the Wet dose in your first post on this thread. My attention was diverted to reply to the inane rejoinder which David Kempson who claims that he is a classical homeopath, made in his usually snide fashion to my post and I overlooked replying to your question:

‘how long it could be used, side effects and interactions with drugs, for normal people and people with diseased conditions et al.’

I first discovered the beneficial effects of Arnica 30 on myself way back in 1996 as it was then that I first started to take Arnica on a daily basis. At first it was in the standard dry pellets but after 2005 I used Arnica in what I termed the ‘Wet dose’ which term has been firmly established in Homeopathic circles. I was not aware that Google has listed the term Wet dose that I coined in collaboration with Dr Luc de Schepper who was visiting Sri Lanka after our Tsunami in 2005 and you can read more about it by doing a search under ‘Wet dose’ on this ABC forum and also on Google where you will find many thousands of hits under ‘Wet Dose’

I note that David has referred to the Split dose that Hahnemann used 200 years ago:
‘6. Always take a medicine in water, rather than as straight pillules. This is called Split Dosing and was suggested by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the inventor of homoeopathy, over 200 years ago. ‘

It is a matter of interest that even today, I have not seen David prescribing the Split dose nor the Wet dose for any remedy that he prescribes to a patient, as he is governed by the information that he was brainwashed into believing, in this case the Split dose, which too he does not prescribe although it originated with Hahnemann as confirmed by him.

Luc and I did some research on this Split dose which is not the equivalent of the WET DOSE which Hahnemann used for some time as stated by David. There is no reference to the Wet dose which is the dose taken straight from the bottle which Hahnemann did not advocate for some reason which we could not fathom. It was then that I suggested that I term the non diluted dose as the Wet dose with Luc’s agreement.

I have since that time taken a capful or 5ml of Arnica nightly and now count over 16 years of unbroken use of Arnica and I believe I now have sufficient evidence from my personal experience to catergorically state that it has helped me in a manner that no other drug or remedy could possibly have done. I am living evidence that it has indeed done so. I quote from from my own experience and also from the reports of other patients who are following my example and are using my same therapy and have reported that they too have discovered that Arnica does in fact perform Miracles of Healing which other remedies or drugs cannot emulate.

It is interesting to note that others, including this classical homeopath, can only pontificate from what they have been brainwashed into believing during their studies in college where the standard instructions are never to take any remedy unless it has been prescribed by a ‘classical’ homeopath using the standard classical questionnaire which takes at least a good hour to conduct and which I consider is a lot of rubbish. David has
given his own belabored explanation on the ‘danger’ of using my Joepathy but I have disproved all his warnings and his insistence on the patient to only follow the accepted norms of classical homeopathy which I have proved time and time again, do not work to HEAL the patient. To my mind they constitute the license for the classical homeopath to ensure that the poor suffering patient is compelled to return time and time again for that next consultation which thereby guarantees the revenue to the classical prescriber.

I would like to place on record that I am not the only Homeopath to use this direct ‘this for that’ form of therapy as the doctors Banerji of the Banerji Homeopathic Foundation also follow the same Joepathy therapy which they have spelt out in their website:


If you are seriously interested to study how very effective my Joepathy has been in relation to the use of Arnica on a daily basis, you are invited to visit the link below on my website entitled ‘Arnica the Miracle Remedy’ on:


I can reassure you and all who read this post that I am very well and kicking at my advanced age of 83 years and I am convinced that I owe my state of wellness first to God in whom I have an abiding trust, and to Arnica.

If, as I request, you study the information that I have collated in the link above on Arnica you will realize what a wonderful remedy it is which I would recommend that anyone who is over 40 years uses nightly like me if s/he desires to avoid ailments like heart attacks and strokes which are all due to the build up of cholesterol and other debris in the blood and deposits in the arterial system and can cause serious problems later in life.

You might also like to read the incredible account of Robert Ray who was affected by 3 strokes in 2002 which left him first a paraplegic and whom I restored to normal health after I took his case in 2010.

Robert Ray was CURED from the after effects of 3 Strokes he suffered from 2002 to 2010

I hope that I have given you sufficient food for thought and have answered your questions. Please feel free to address any more questions on Arnica if you would like to have my thoughts on them.

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Have you noticed that this thread ‘Arnica in the Wet dose’ is missing from the day’s list of posts?

I had the link to this post where I had made some significant submissions of which I have copies and I would like to know if and when you read this post if you too do not see it in today’s list.


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I have also discovered that page 2 of this thread is missing.

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what is a wet dose?

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Google, “instructions for turning pills into liquid remedies”

HomeopathyPlus website
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